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Every DJ has their own way of hosting a trivia game. There are basically a couple of ways you can do this – create your own paper or PowerPoint presentation which takes a lot of time or you can buy one of a few different software systems that does some of this for you. Unfortunately, those software programs are still a lot of work and they are not all that unique.

There are a few games you can purchase but they are limited in so many ways and makes the DJ less flexibility. Basically, when you purchase these games you are like every other DJ using it, meaning there is nothing special about one DJ’s trivia game from another. In some cases, you are using the exact same questions and even in the same order as your competitors! What’s so special about that!?!

After talking with DJ’s and bar owners from around the country, we realized there was a need to create something totally unique for everyone involved – the DJ, the bar owner and the audience. So we set out to build something spectacular.

Cloud-Based Trivia Software

After taking all the ideas, suggestions and concerns from everyone we started building, refining and testing our new platform. Our DJ & Bar Trivia Software is a could-based game that needs no installation on a computer. You simply connect to WiFi, connect your computer to the monitors and start the game. Cloud-based trivia has many benefits including:

  • No Manual Updating – when we add new features to the software yours is updated when you log in. (and we are always adding new features!)
  • No Crashed Computer Challenges – now if your computer crashes or gets hacked, simply log into the site from another computer.
  • Easier Management – no need to install anything on your DJ’s computers. Simply give them the link and codes to get in and there it is.

Infinite Trivia Possibilities

Your imagination is what will set you apart from the other DJ’s. Now you have control on how you want to set up your games, designs, brands, etc., things like:

  • Infinite Designs – Yes – infinite. You have control of the backgrounds, images, colors, questions, levels, points, rounds, displays, styles and on and on . . . . Infinite!
  • Libraries of Games – create and manage as many different game setups as you want for faster game starts or for specific themes – Sports, Movies, youth games, etc.
  • Bar Advertising – advertise the bar’s ads, events, specials or whatever they want the audience to see during the entire game. Bar owners LOVE this!
  • DJ Advertising – advertise your DJ services like weddings, karaoke, parties, etc.
  • Advertising Libraries – manage your ads so you can easily find and activate the right ones for the games you are playing.
  • Total Customization – you now have the power to design and host the games the way you want.

Infinite Trivia Uniqueness

In talking with DJ’s and bar owners, a common phrase was heard over and over and that was “our trivia is unique.” You could make that case technically because the DJ is unique and it’s their game but now the way the game is played is even more unique than before.

Trivia Punch Software can take ANY style of trivia played and use it in this system including:

  • Number of round and questions per round
  • Points structure of using set points or betting the points for each question or rounds
  • Tie breakers, topics, teams, ads, designs, color, speed of games, etc.

Cost Effective Trivia Software

For all the benefits and services offered, you will not find a better product, price, or support, than with Trivia Punch Software. Here are some of the benefits:

  • We license this on a month to month basis. If you stop paying for your license, the software access will stop so there are no overdue notices or paying for something you’re not using.
  • Easy stopping during transition months where the client needs to stop trivia for a couple of months. This is especially helpful for college bars where the students are away for the summer.
  • Easy to start back up when you are ready to start using the software again! Simply pay at login and you’re good to go again, right where you left off.
  • License is good for one client and is set up with their brand, logo, ads, address, etc. Now you can WOW your clients with their custom trivia game without all that hard work!
  • No contracts to sign. If you lose a client or go out of the trivia business there is no loss for you.
  • Unlimited use. Use the software as many times as you’d like throughout the month. Some bars actually use the software in pause mode to run their advertising during the week – it’s that good!
  • With little set up you can now use your time to sell more trivia nights instead of researching questions and answers, building your paper version, etc.
  • Multiple Trivia Clients – We offer bulk discounts pricing for DJ’s with multiple trivia clients.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a trivia game that takes into account any and all ways of of playing, pricing, support, uniqueness, etc., this is the one! Contact us today to jump start your trivia business. [Click Here]