The Best Bar Trivia Around!

zblendflSo What is Bar Trivia? If you’re looking for bar trivia that can be played from week to week in your bar then Trivia Punch is the best around. I know that sounds like every other bar trivia ad out there but it’s true.

There are a few bar trivia software’s out there – some use the audiences phones to play but that keeps them looking at the phone and not the screen. Why is this important? Because our bar trivia uses a branded screen designed for the bar with THEIR logos, colors, ads, special, upcoming events and more. For a couple of hours the audience is looking at the bar’s brand. That helps revenues go up better than people staring at their phones or tablets.

Uno Chicago Grill Trivia NightThen there are the outdated software’s that look like a Nintendo game or a bad power point display. These are the same ones that the bar’s competition uses so everyone looks the same. No bar wants to look like their competition – they want to look unique!

Trivia Punch is the only bar trivia software that has infinite ways of setting it up and using it in your bar. That means each bar can look totally unique and not like the bar down the street. You want custom questions? No problem. How about custom design, ads, unique ways of scoring, logos on the screen, custom images and more? Yep! You can do that as well.

zgeorgiaAll other bar trivia games out there make you use their software their way not yours. Trivia Punch is the best bar trivia because it gives YOU the control on so many levels that you can be totally unique and not like all the other bars in town.

Best Bar Trivia!

The best part is that you only pay one fee per month and you can use it as often as you’d like with no restrictions for your bar. And the cooled part of our bar trivia is that you can use it as an advertising tool every day when you’re not playing your bar trivia! That’s right – simply turn on Ad Mode and your ads and upcoming events are displayed and rotate the way you want them to on your beautiful display. All this for the same low monthly fee.

zNCWe invite you to learn more and compare Trivia Punch to any other bar trivia game out there. You will not find a better trivia game on the market with all the features we offer!

Want to learn more? Click Here and introduce yourself. We can answer all your questions and get you up and running in no time!