Beer Pong Bracket Software

Beer Pong Bracket Software

Trivia Punch now has Beer Pong Bracket Software included in the license fee! This was the development from many DJ’s and Bar owners that wanted to host beer pong tournaments. Or in the bar’s case – Bar Pong Tournaments.

Beer pong tournaments are a great way to liven up a bar and make for an exciting time. Trivia Punch software has put together a bracket system for your tournaments. It doesn’t matter how many people participate  – 2 – 20 – 100 – it’s all good. Simply add the teams, choose Bar Pong as your game – set up the parameters and start enjoying the tournament!

Yes – you still have the great advertisements showing on the TV screens so everyone can see the specials, upcoming events, etc. Trivia Punch is the only game that works for everyone – The bar establishments, the DJ’s and most importantly the audience!

Out beer pong bracket software has unlimited use with the license, as well as bingo, advertising mode and more – All unlimited use no matter which game or mode you want to use.

Beer Pong Bracket Software just got a whole lot better with Trivia Punch! Request a demo today!