Building Trivia Games

Building Trivia Games

Building Trivia Games is easy with Trivia Punch. There are infinite ways of setting up your game and running it the way YOU want! We make building trivia games easy.

You don’t need a tool belt, sledge hammer and a hard hat to build a trivia game to your style of playing. Our software is designed by DJ’s and Bar owners so you know it is built to a higher standard than anything else out there.

Most trivia software is built by developers and then they try and make it fit to an industry – like disc jockeys. This is why there are limited options for you to modify the game to your style of playing or hosting. There is also very little difference between you and your competition using the same software’s.

Trivia DJ and Bar SoftwareTrivia Punch uses weekly input from DJ’s and Bar owners to make the software better from week to week. These suggestions help drive our developers to continually make the software more robust with options that no other trivia software has. One of the most popular features is our building trivia questions options. You can customize your questions and answers exactly the way you want.

So you can build your own trivia game yourself or you can use our software and build it faster and better. That would be the fastest way to start making money while having a great time. Contact us for more information on building trivia games for your clients:

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