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It’s Unanimous – Trivia Punch is “Slick!”

It’s Unanimous – Trivia Punch is “Slick!”

Trivia Punch is the best trivia software

We attended 2 industry trade show last month showing off our Trivia Punch Software. The first one was the Nightclub & Bar Show and the other one was Mobile Beat Las Vegas. They were both a huge success and if there was 1 word that we heard over and over it would be:


The dictionary uses many words and phrases to describe it such as: Perfect in manner; awesome, original, cool, sharp, smooth, seemingly effortless, something that has been well done, having perfect answers for virtually all questions, and so on. . .  

Everyone who saw the product were amazed at how “Slick” it looks and performs. Trivia Punch really is all that and more! Infact, out of all the trivia products at the 2 shows Trivia Punch outshined them all. It is the perfect balance for everyone involved – The Bars, the DJ’s and the customers watching the advertisements or participating in the games.

We heard from a lot of the bar owners that they are going to be canceling the expensive Trivia Systems and going to Trivia Punch. They especially loved the advertising aspect that helps them fill the seats for their local DJ hosting their trivia night, Karaoke night, etc. The DJ’s also loved the advertising part of it as well. They understand the impact of the bars advertising their trivia night, as well as their other gigs, all week long and that helps fill the seats for a great night!

Both the Bar owners and the DJ’s also loved the pricing allowing them to make as much money from it’s small investment. Bottom line – there is no other trivia/advertising product out there that is as “Slick” as Trivia Punch! 

Trivia Punch Hits Las Vegas!

Trivia Punch Hits Las Vegas!

Trivia software for Las Vegas

Trivia Punch is excited to be exhibiting to more than 50,000 attendees in Las Vegas this month. We are exhibiting at:

Mobile Beat Las Vegas March 15th & 16th. We are presenting a 45 minute workshop on the 15th from 1:45 – 2pm – just before the exhibit doors open. If you are attending please stop by and introduce yourself!

Nightclub & Bar Show March 8th & 9th. We will be at booth #573 so if you are attending please stop by and introduce yourself!

We are excited to be attending 2 of the coolest trade shows in Vegas. The Nightclub and Bar is the largest for that industry and we’ll be helping DJ get more Trivia Night gigs. The Mobile Beat Las Vegas show is the 20th Anniversary  one and also the largest DJ show in Vegas.

It is well worth the trip to an exciting town for some exciting times and knowledge. We will be offering some great show specials so make sure you stop by and check them out. See you in Vegas!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas Trivia Presentation

Hottest Trivia Software for 2016!

Trivia Punch PricingIf you’re looking to have the best trivia nights around while making the most money around then we can help.

Trivia Punch is the ONLY trivia software that is designed by the DJ’s using it – and that is just one of the many things that makes it the hottest trivia software for 2016!

Trivia PunchTrivia Punch conforms to your style of hosting and gives you the best chance to succeed as a trivia DJ! Our software is cloud based and does not have any clumsy downloads or uploads to make it work. With a few clicks of the mouse your game is ready to play. You will not find better software that gives you more options to be the best you can be. Every DJ has the ability to make their game totally unique with colors, logos, images, ads, questions and the list goes on. Oh – and it’s easy to use – Login, activate your game and go do what you do best!

Designed by DJs

Trivia Punch’s “one price covers all” pricing was designed by the DJ’s using it from Alaska to the Virgin Islands. Our close work with DJ’s on a weekly basis helps set the stage for every DJ to succeed.

Our Trivia Punch Presentation will cover the features that makes it the best choice for trivia software for DJ’s – things like:

  • Our one low monthly price that covers everything.
  • Unlimited use throughout the month with no hidden charges for extra games or advertisements.
  • No add-ons or additional charges if you want to add another night to your schedule.
  • No downloading of questions that everyone else is using that night in your area.
  • The ability to manage you own database of questions and answers.
  • Unlimited advertising – manage your library of ads and activate the ones you want to use each game.
  • Unlimited Teams library for quick addition of players.
  • Customization – you want some special feature? No problem – we routinely add new features for DJ’s on a regular basis. It’s like we are you own trivia software developers – oh and we do not charge you for that.
  • We are the only trivia software developers with a full time staff dedicated to helping you succeed.
  • What it includes – graphics, ad creation, logo work, pads, pencils, marketing cards, flyers, business cards and support to help you succeed – all at no extra or hidden charge!

Best Chance for Success

The bottom line is you will not find another trivia software out there that is as cool or cost effective as Trivia Punch. This is your best option for your success in the trivia market. We know we only have 45 minutes to present our software so to make the most of that time we invite you to ask us questions now so we can incorporate them into our discussion. If you have any question please ask them here:

See you March 15 at 1:15 – 2pm at Mobile Beat Las Vegas. Then stop by our booth after the presentation and introduce yourself.

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