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Trivia News Updates

Trivia News Updates

Trivia Punch is the best trivia software around

Trivia Punch has plenty of trivia new updates so let’s get to it!

Our Tournament Bracket feature is almost ready to go live! That means you can have all kinds of tournaments – pool, bar pong, corn hole, vollyball, bacci, and the list goes on! All the advertisements will still be rotating throughout the tournament bringing home your brand, upcoming events, specials or whatever you want or advertise.

Once the Tournament Brackets are live we will focus on finishing up Bingo! That’s right – soon you will be able to host Bingo events bringing in even more revenue! This too will have all the advertising features as well having a captive audience seeing your brand and ads.

New Pricing Structures – We spoke with several large DJ companies and we’ve worked out a deal on pricing for many trivia clients. For $2,500 you get an annual licence where we give you several unique accounts with your logo branded into the system – or which ever logo you want in them. This gives your more opportunities to have sponsors pay for the licences in return for their branding. This gives you even more ways to benefit financially with our software proving once again there is no better trivia/advertising software out there than Trivia Punch.

Federal Trademark – We just received a federal trademark for Trivia Punch! We enjoyed working with our examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He was very interested in the software and said it was very unique. We had some great conversations about it and that made the process very enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more great things to come!

Trivia Punch is Now Available in a Download Version!

Trivia Punch is Now Available in a Download Version!

Trivia Punch is Now Available in a Download Version!

The highly anticipated downlaod version of Trivia Punch is ready for use! This is just another reason why Trivia Punch is the hottest Trivia Software for the DJ industry!

There are a few reasons this is such big news and not just because it’s the first and only one of it’s kind in the industry! Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Trivia Punch Download VersionNo WiFi need! That’s right – it’s cloud-based but you can create a version for your laptop without having to use a WiFi connection to play it.
  • You can play it over and over for as many times as you want in a 24 hour period.
  • You can now know exactly what questions will be asked in the same order AND know the answers before you start your Trivia Night.
  • Since you know the Questions you can create bonus questions that complement the ones being asked.
  • Add extra fun facts to the questions throughout the night and much more . . .

The new feature will show up when you log in on Friday April 1st or whenever you do after that date. The download will expire after 24 hours so you won’t run the risk of using the same game again on the same crowd. Once you are done with the game simply delete it and download another game when you need it.

Trivia Features

Trivia Features With No Heavy Lifting!
Trivia Punch - Trivia Features

Trivia features are an on going benefit that Trivia Punch provides. We are constantly updating the software with the latest and greatest features that DJ’s want. We listen each week to learn what we can do to make it better for each DJ. This gives us a lot of great ideas that we turn into new features.

Every time a new DJ or bar signs up to Trivia Punch, they get the latest features from everyone’s suggestions. It’s our ability to consistently provide the latest and greatest trivia software on the market. Our features don’t need any heavy lifting either.

Trivia Punch is a cloud-based software that does all the updating for you. So when a DJ logs into their Trivia Punch account center their software has all the latest updates and new features. Our trivia features are built to help the DJ’s and bar owners stay fresh and exciting when it comes to hosting trivia.


Trivia Advertising

Trivia Advertising

Our trivia advertising mode is just another reason why Trivia Punch is the best trivia software out there! No other software has an advertising mode that can be used 24/7 when the trivia portion is not being used. All this is included in the monthly license fee. Bars, Pubs and Restaurants LOVE this feature. Here’s an example:

Trivia Advertising and Marketing

No other trivia software has the advertising capabilities of Trivia Punch. Our trivia advertising mode can be used for so many cool things such as, advertising up coming events, nightly specials, trivia night schedules, Karaoke schedules, management and staff, customers of the week and so much more.

The trivia advertising mode helps any establishment increase their brand awareness and create better opportunities for increased revenue. Again, this feature is included in the monthly license and can be used every day that license is in use. Here are just a few things it can do:

  • Display any title across the top – You have control over what it says. Make it specific to football or maybe use a generic phrase – be creative as you want because you control it.
  • Display any ad from your Ads Library – Simply activate the ads you want to run for each section and they are displayed. You have control over what advertisements are displayed.
  • Display any background – Mix it up for holidays or special events or just to have something different every now and then. You have control over what it looks like.
  • Control the speed of the ad rotations – Set the timing of the ads to display before rotating. You have control over the speed of the advertisements.
  • Display your logo – Your logo is displayed in the bottom corners for better brand recognition and awareness. just like in the trivia games.
  • Have fun with it! – You can have ads that inform your customers, fun quotes and yes even some funny cat pictures if that’s what you really want. Again – you have full control over the trivia advertising mode.

You get all this and more included in the Trivia Punch monthly license. In fact, some bar, pub and restaurant owners actually like this feature the most! Either way, both the DJ and the client benefits from this feature, but more importantly, so do the customers! This is just another thing that makes Trivia Punch better than any other trivia software on the market today – and all for one low monthly license fee.

Questions? Feel free to contact us so we can show you how easy it is to start your trivia advertising!

Quiz Backgrounds | Trivia Game Backgrounds

Infinite Designs!
Trivia Punch Backgrounds

One of our most popular Trivia Punch features is our trivia game backgrounds, or sometimes referred to quiz backgrounds. We have dozens of cool designs that DJs can choose from when creating their Trivia games.

Every time a new DJ signs up they have the opportunity to choose the look and feel for their game from our long list of formatted quiz backgrounds. So if they choose a certain design it automatically upload all 3 graphics into their location for a perfect fit every time.

If there is something special they want for a custom look we will work with to create it so that it’s perfect for their clients desires. Or the DJ’s themselves can create the look and feel they are trying to achieve by uploading it to their specific games.

No other trivia software for DJ’s or Bars has this customization option and this is a standard feature in out Trivia Punch Software. In fact, we are always updating our quiz background library on a regular basis so from week to week the DJ’s could find new and exciting backgrounds.

Looking for a creepy quiz background for Halloween? Yup We have them. How about a romantic one for Valentines Day? Yup – we got those as well. This is just one of the features that makes Trivia Punch have infinite possibilities because YOU get to decide how the Trivia Software looks when you play it!

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