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Trivia News Updates

Trivia News Updates

Trivia Punch is the best trivia software around

Trivia Punch has plenty of trivia new updates so let’s get to it!

Our Tournament Bracket feature is almost ready to go live! That means you can have all kinds of tournaments – pool, bar pong, corn hole, vollyball, bacci, and the list goes on! All the advertisements will still be rotating throughout the tournament bringing home your brand, upcoming events, specials or whatever you want or advertise.

Once the Tournament Brackets are live we will focus on finishing up Bingo! That’s right – soon you will be able to host Bingo events bringing in even more revenue! This too will have all the advertising features as well having a captive audience seeing your brand and ads.

New Pricing Structures – We spoke with several large DJ companies and we’ve worked out a deal on pricing for many trivia clients. For $2,500 you get an annual licence where we give you several unique accounts with your logo branded into the system – or which ever logo you want in them. This gives your more opportunities to have sponsors pay for the licences in return for their branding. This gives you even more ways to benefit financially with our software proving once again there is no better trivia/advertising software out there than Trivia Punch.

Federal Trademark – We just received a federal trademark for Trivia Punch! We enjoyed working with our examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He was very interested in the software and said it was very unique. We had some great conversations about it and that made the process very enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more great things to come!

It’s Unanimous – Trivia Punch is “Slick!”

It’s Unanimous – Trivia Punch is “Slick!”

Trivia Punch is the best trivia software

We attended 2 industry trade show last month showing off our Trivia Punch Software. The first one was the Nightclub & Bar Show and the other one was Mobile Beat Las Vegas. They were both a huge success and if there was 1 word that we heard over and over it would be:


The dictionary uses many words and phrases to describe it such as: Perfect in manner; awesome, original, cool, sharp, smooth, seemingly effortless, something that has been well done, having perfect answers for virtually all questions, and so on. . .  

Everyone who saw the product were amazed at how “Slick” it looks and performs. Trivia Punch really is all that and more! Infact, out of all the trivia products at the 2 shows Trivia Punch outshined them all. It is the perfect balance for everyone involved – The Bars, the DJ’s and the customers watching the advertisements or participating in the games.

We heard from a lot of the bar owners that they are going to be canceling the expensive Trivia Systems and going to Trivia Punch. They especially loved the advertising aspect that helps them fill the seats for their local DJ hosting their trivia night, Karaoke night, etc. The DJ’s also loved the advertising part of it as well. They understand the impact of the bars advertising their trivia night, as well as their other gigs, all week long and that helps fill the seats for a great night!

Both the Bar owners and the DJ’s also loved the pricing allowing them to make as much money from it’s small investment. Bottom line – there is no other trivia/advertising product out there that is as “Slick” as Trivia Punch! 

Trivia Punch is Now Available in a Download Version!

Trivia Punch is Now Available in a Download Version!

Trivia Punch is Now Available in a Download Version!

The highly anticipated downlaod version of Trivia Punch is ready for use! This is just another reason why Trivia Punch is the hottest Trivia Software for the DJ industry!

There are a few reasons this is such big news and not just because it’s the first and only one of it’s kind in the industry! Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Trivia Punch Download VersionNo WiFi need! That’s right – it’s cloud-based but you can create a version for your laptop without having to use a WiFi connection to play it.
  • You can play it over and over for as many times as you want in a 24 hour period.
  • You can now know exactly what questions will be asked in the same order AND know the answers before you start your Trivia Night.
  • Since you know the Questions you can create bonus questions that complement the ones being asked.
  • Add extra fun facts to the questions throughout the night and much more . . .

The new feature will show up when you log in on Friday April 1st or whenever you do after that date. The download will expire after 24 hours so you won’t run the risk of using the same game again on the same crowd. Once you are done with the game simply delete it and download another game when you need it.

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Trivia Punch Hits Las Vegas!

Trivia Punch Hits Las Vegas!

Trivia software for Las Vegas

Trivia Punch is excited to be exhibiting to more than 50,000 attendees in Las Vegas this month. We are exhibiting at:

Mobile Beat Las Vegas March 15th & 16th. We are presenting a 45 minute workshop on the 15th from 1:45 – 2pm – just before the exhibit doors open. If you are attending please stop by and introduce yourself!

Nightclub & Bar Show March 8th & 9th. We will be at booth #573 so if you are attending please stop by and introduce yourself!

We are excited to be attending 2 of the coolest trade shows in Vegas. The Nightclub and Bar is the largest for that industry and we’ll be helping DJ get more Trivia Night gigs. The Mobile Beat Las Vegas show is the 20th Anniversary  one and also the largest DJ show in Vegas.

It is well worth the trip to an exciting town for some exciting times and knowledge. We will be offering some great show specials so make sure you stop by and check them out. See you in Vegas!

Free Trivia Games For Life!

Free Trivia Games For Life!

Free Trivia For Life

Trivia Punch is offering free trivia games for life PLUS we’ll pay you $2,500.00 on top of that! We are looking for DJ’s who want to help us spread the word. If you are interested in helping Trivia Punch grow in your area then this is a fantastic deal that can be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Never pay for a Trivia Punch License again!

Just think about it! Never pay for a Trivia Punch License again AND we will even brand your games with your company logo. We do not sell a DJ branded license so this is the only way you can get your logo embedded into your game screens. Here are the basics of how to achieve it.

Go out and get 20 annual licenses sold in your area within a 6 month timeframe. Surely there are more than 20 bars in your area and you’re promoting more than just trivia. Bars love the advertising side of the software and they can advertise karaoke, trivia, specials, events, etc. This helps fill their seats and they love that! We will even supply you with marketing card to make your job even easier.


Yes – we’ll even pay you $2,500.00 when you achieve your goal. We know your time is valuable and want to make it worth your while. So to recap:

  • We help you sell 20 annual licenses in your area
  • We provide you with marketing materials
  • You grow your business and earn great money
  • We pay you $2,500.00 when you achieve your goal
  • You get a FREE LIFETIME LICENSE with your logo
  • You make and save thousands of dollars a year for as long as you want.

That pretty much sums it up! Someone in your area is going to benefit from this opportunity and it might as well be you. It just takes a little bit of work in the beginning for a lifetime of success.

Free Trivia Games For Life Form

Beer Pong Bracket Software

Beer Pong Bracket Software

Beer Pong Bracket Software

Trivia Punch now has Beer Pong Bracket Software included in the license fee! This was the development from many DJ’s and Bar owners that wanted to host beer pong tournaments. Or in the bar’s case – Bar Pong Tournaments.

Beer pong tournaments are a great way to liven up a bar and make for an exciting time. Trivia Punch software has put together a bracket system for your tournaments. It doesn’t matter how many people participate  – 2 – 20 – 100 – it’s all good. Simply add the teams, choose Bar Pong as your game – set up the parameters and start enjoying the tournament!

Yes – you still have the great advertisements showing on the TV screens so everyone can see the specials, upcoming events, etc. Trivia Punch is the only game that works for everyone – The bar establishments, the DJ’s and most importantly the audience!

Out beer pong bracket software has unlimited use with the license, as well as bingo, advertising mode and more – All unlimited use no matter which game or mode you want to use.

Beer Pong Bracket Software just got a whole lot better with Trivia Punch! Request a demo today!

Trivia Features

Trivia Features With No Heavy Lifting!
Trivia Punch - Trivia Features

Trivia features are an on going benefit that Trivia Punch provides. We are constantly updating the software with the latest and greatest features that DJ’s want. We listen each week to learn what we can do to make it better for each DJ. This gives us a lot of great ideas that we turn into new features.

Every time a new DJ or bar signs up to Trivia Punch, they get the latest features from everyone’s suggestions. It’s our ability to consistently provide the latest and greatest trivia software on the market. Our features don’t need any heavy lifting either.

Trivia Punch is a cloud-based software that does all the updating for you. So when a DJ logs into their Trivia Punch account center their software has all the latest updates and new features. Our trivia features are built to help the DJ’s and bar owners stay fresh and exciting when it comes to hosting trivia.


Design Trivia Games

Design Trivia Games

Design Trivia Games with Trivia Punch

Design Trivia Games with Trivia Punch – it’s easy and can be customized to your style of playing. With infinite ways of setting them up you will succeed at being unique! Simply click on some buttons and you’ve got a totally unique trivia game ready to go.

With a few clicks of your mouse you can have the coolest trivia game made just for you. We give you so many options that you will never run out of ways to make it unique. Really! We’re not saying that like its a slogan – it really has infinite ways of setting it up to make you different that your competition. Here are just a few ways to easily design it:

Design Trivia Games – You can design trivia games the way you want with thinks like the number of rounds you want, the number of questions per round, the levels of difficulty per round, the points per round, single choice, multiple choice or random, and so much more making your trivia games unique.

Design Trivia Questions and Answers – Yes – you can create and manage your own designed trivia questions and answers in your database. No more using the same questions that every other DJ is using.

Design Trivia Game Ads – That’s right design your own ads for the game. Trivia Punch lets you run ads for you and your client. We will help you design them with our professional graphic artist on staff. Or, if you are familiar with graphic software and can make your own the measurements are provided for you.

Design Trivia Game Backgrounds – Choose from our library of designed trivia backgrounds or upload your own. Infinite color or design choices to make your game unique.

Design Trivia Game Team Names – Whether you let teams make their own names or not, or some customers come in late for a trivia game, you can give them a creative team name to use and manage all team names in your Teams library.

Design Trivia Game Answer Slips & Pencils – We offer trivia answer slips and pencils or we can help you design your own and get them at a savings. We’re here to help you succeed.

The bottom line is if your are looking to design the best trivia game out there Trivia Punch has already done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is push a few buttons and you have your custom designed trivia games ready to go.

To learn more feel free to contact us for more information or a demo:

Building Trivia Games

Building Trivia Games

Building Trivia Games

Building Trivia Games is easy with Trivia Punch. There are infinite ways of setting up your game and running it the way YOU want! We make building trivia games easy.

You don’t need a tool belt, sledge hammer and a hard hat to build a trivia game to your style of playing. Our software is designed by DJ’s and Bar owners so you know it is built to a higher standard than anything else out there.

Most trivia software is built by developers and then they try and make it fit to an industry – like disc jockeys. This is why there are limited options for you to modify the game to your style of playing or hosting. There is also very little difference between you and your competition using the same software’s.

Trivia DJ and Bar SoftwareTrivia Punch uses weekly input from DJ’s and Bar owners to make the software better from week to week. These suggestions help drive our developers to continually make the software more robust with options that no other trivia software has. One of the most popular features is our building trivia questions options. You can customize your questions and answers exactly the way you want.

So you can build your own trivia game yourself or you can use our software and build it faster and better. That would be the fastest way to start making money while having a great time. Contact us for more information on building trivia games for your clients:

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