Other DJ’s Trivia Challenge

Trivia Punch is not like the other Trivia software systems out there! The trivia questions and answers should be the most fun and challenging part of the night, not trying to figure out how to run the game! When you buy a trivia program that needs to come with a CD so you can figure out how the game works, that’s scary. The game should be user-friendly and intuitive so you can spend more time with your audience.

Wait! You get all this for how much? Do you really want to get your calculator out every time you want to do an impromptu game?  The pricing, restrictions and hours you need to download, organize and deliver each game is not worth the results and headache you get using it. Time is money and you shouldn’t be spending money to run out of time!

Other Bar’s Trivia Challenge

Bar owners are looking for ways to attract more patrons to their establishment. When they get the audience they are looking, for the last thing they want to do is lose them due to a complicated trivia challenge. Bar owners also want to know what their expenses are on a regular basis and don’t want complicated pricing structures for different scenarios. They don’t want to hesitate to ask for another night of trivia because they need to figure out the cost and if they have it at that time.

Bar owners want simple and reasonably priced entertainment that attracts and keeps business in their establishment – not sending them to their competitors. Paper games just don’t cut it anymore! Bars and restaurants want advertising, promotions, branding opportunities and whatever else drives traffic and sales to their establishment. Paper games don’t even begin to do this – especially the ones that are challenging to use.

The Audience’s Trivia Challenge

After a long day of hard work, people want to go out for some food, relaxation and maybe some trivia fun. When they have to fill out a mimeographed piece of paper that looks like a college-prep test, that can’t be enjoyable! The unsettled feelings they get wondering if they’re doing it right takes away from the enjoyment that should be fun and exciting. How many people miss questions or answers because they are trying to figure out the game sheet?

A distracted audience is an unhappy audience. If they aren’t enjoying the trivia game they are unlikely to stay the entire night or even worse – stop coming to your show and go to another bar’s trivia game. The time spent working the challenging paperwork is not worth the money you are spending.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line IS the bottom line! With Trivia Punch, our DJ & Bar Trivia Software,  you can get the latest technology, proprietary branding, increased revenues and a more fun and exciting trivia game that will attract new business, not send them away! And the best part? There are no restrictions on how often you can use it throughout the days or month! Yes, you read that correct. Unlimited use throughout the month for the same price – no restrictions – no complicated pricing structure – no downloading anything – no complicated paperwork – no kidding! This means if the bar wants to run the game in pause mode, their ads can run on the TV’s and Monitors all day and night – all month long!

The Best Part

The best part is our Trivia Punch Software costs less than the paper and CD versions and gives you infinite options to tailor to your specific needs. Costs less – does more – simple to operate! Let the fun begin!

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Let’s be clear here – We are not saying you shouldn’t be using the other trivia game systems out there. We are simply educating you so that you can make a better decision for your business. So let’s compare!

We have researched the industry for all kinds of trivia games and have created the hottest new product for the DJ industry! Seriously – we looked at all games out there and removed all the negative aspects like complicated systems, bad graphics, old technology, and the list goes on!

Our Trivia Punch Software is by far the most exciting and balanced trivia game experience on the market today. And when we say balanced, we mean for the DJ, the bar/restaurants and the audience participants. As soon as you see these features, you will never look at trivia the same again.

We have broken down the 3 types of trivia games or systems that are on the market today to help you see the pros and cons for by the bars, DJ’s and audience members when using them.

There are basically 3 styles of trivia games on the market today and within these three are different brands or styles. They are:

  1. Paper
  2. Old Computer Code
  3. Applications

We reviewed the most popular of the games that are in each one of these categories before we developed our trivia cloud software system to produce the best of the best. We built Trivia Punch to be the better choice no matter what brand you’ve tried and liked. Contact us for a demo and see what we are talking about!