DJ Trivia Fun GamesThere are a lot of different trivia games played in bars and restaurants throughout the world. Some of them are good and some not so good. Some of the games we seen brag about how high tech they are but unfortunately it leaves the participants with their heads buried in their phone or tablets. Personally i like to go out to socialize not become an introvert.

So we set out to develop a different version of the ones that are out there. We wanted it to be the best in 3 areas:

1 – The Audience – First and foremost a Disc Jockey’s job is to focus on the audience and keep them excited, engaged and happy so they stay the night and come back for the next game.

2 – The Bar/Restaurants – It’s hard enough in this economy to succeed so anything we can do to help the establishments that hire our Trivia Punch Disc Jockeys succeed is our goal. Happy contestants eat and drink more. When they come back week after week sales go up. We help market their brand through our Trivia Punch Disc Jockeys game.

3 – The Disc Jockeys – We all now the DJ world is a never ending revolving door. So we created a game that helps retain long-term gigs with the bars/restaurants that want a weekly trivia contest. We make it easy for the DJ’s to wow both the audience and the bar owners.

There are so many great options in this software that we can’t put it into one Trivia News Update! If you would like more information on out Trivia Punch Software and learn about the opportunities in your area feel free to contact us by clicking here.