Easy trivia games

Easy Trivia Games with Trivia Punch

What’s your definition of easy trivia games? First of all you shouldn’t need a hard hat to operate it! We get asked a LOT if our trivia is easy. That’s a questions that can be taken many different ways – so we ask the question “relative to what?” There are many different opinions about what “easy” means so here’s some “easy” answers.

Easy trivia questions?

Yes. Trivia Punch has some easy trivia questions. We call those level 1, or easy. Our software comes with 4 levels for each round and they are 1 – easy, 2 moderate, 3 challenging and random – and that’s any of the 3 at any time. You have control of how easy or challenging you want to make the game questions. Want specific trivia questions? No problem we have a custom section for your own questions and answers – go ahead and make them as easy as you’d like!

Easy trivia games for kids/children?

Hmmm. This is always a question that depends on the kids. What age are they? Are they smart kids? Have they been studying certain subjects? Many times kids can answer our level one better than most adults (again, depending on their age). As we get older we tend to forget what we learned in our childhood. Again, if you want to add your own easy questions to our software you can manage your own database and customize it as specific as you’d like.

Easy trivia games for seniors?

Absolutely! Our level 1 makes for easy trivia games for seniors and just so they don’t get too bored they always have lever 2 & 3 plus custom capabilities. And it’s easy to add them.

Do we have easy movie trivia?

Yes. Trivia Punch has lots of movie questions and many of them make for easy movie trivia. There are lots of bars out there fine-tuning their trivia games for specific topics and movies is definitely a popular one. If you want to be creative you can always upload your own movie questions to our software and make them a easy as you’d like.

Is Trivia Punch easy to run?

Absolutely! Our DJ’s tell us that the game is so much easier than the ones they were using. We’ve built it around the DJ’s preferences and continue to update, modify, add and make it easier and better through their suggestions. This is the only trivia software that evolves from week to week by DJs! Think about that – every DJ using it can add their spin on it and every DJ using it gets that benefit. It’s a collaborative process to ensure that it stays the best trivia software out there.

Full-Time Trivia Developers!

Trivia Punch is the only game out there that has a full-time development squad to keep the game easy and competitive. This is why we say we have the easiest trivia games out there. If you don’t think so then all you have to do is tell us why so we can make it better for you.

We also have writers that are continually updating topics to keep the questions fresh and exciting. Again, you can add you own questions and answers and maintain your trivia database as well. This is a great feature for local trivia content about the bars, towns, local heroes and legends, etc.

We work with our trivia clients to help them be the best they can be and encourage them to ask for help when needed. We want to make the process “easy.” If you’re looking for easy trivia games then Trivia Punch has you covered – no matter what your interpretation of “easy” is.