Free Trivia Games For Life!

Free Trivia For Life

Trivia Punch is offering free trivia games for life PLUS we’ll pay you $2,500.00 on top of that! We are looking for DJ’s who want to help us spread the word. If you are interested in helping Trivia Punch grow in your area then this is a fantastic deal that can be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Never pay for a Trivia Punch License again!

Just think about it! Never pay for a Trivia Punch License again AND we will even brand your games with your company logo. We do not sell a DJ branded license so this is the only way you can get your logo embedded into your game screens. Here are the basics of how to achieve it.

Go out and get 20 annual licenses sold in your area within a 6 month timeframe. Surely there are more than 20 bars in your area and you’re promoting more than just trivia. Bars love the advertising side of the software and they can advertise karaoke, trivia, specials, events, etc. This helps fill their seats and they love that! We will even supply you with marketing card to make your job even easier.


Yes – we’ll even pay you $2,500.00 when you achieve your goal. We know your time is valuable and want to make it worth your while. So to recap:

  • We help you sell 20 annual licenses in your area
  • We provide you with marketing materials
  • You grow your business and earn great money
  • We pay you $2,500.00 when you achieve your goal
  • You get a FREE LIFETIME LICENSE with your logo
  • You make and save thousands of dollars a year for as long as you want.

That pretty much sums it up! Someone in your area is going to benefit from this opportunity and it might as well be you. It just takes a little bit of work in the beginning for a lifetime of success.

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