Free Trivia Software for Life

Earn $2500 + Free Software for Life!

Trivia Punch Pricing

Join Our Team & Earn!

Trivia Punch is looking for DJ’s throughout the United States to help us promote Trivia Punch Software. You can earn commission checks of $2,500.00 plus a free lifetime license to Trivia Punch branded with your company logo!

A Lifetime Value of More Than $30,000!

Plus every 20 additional licences earns another $2,500.00!

It’s Really Simple

  1. Have an active Trivia Punch License
  2. Go to the Bars/Restaurants in your area and introduce the software
  3. When they sign up for an annual licence you get credit.
  4. 20 license signups within a 6 months period earns you $2,500.00 plus your Free Lifetime license!

Think About It!

Here’s how simple it can be:

  • If you visited 1 bar/restaurant a day over 2 months and introduced them to Trivia Punch you’d have over 60 opportunities!
  • If only 1/3 of them signed up you’d have 20 or more signups at the end of 2 months earning you $2,500.00 plus a free lifetime Trivia Punch License!
  • If you did that for 6 months straight you’d earn $7,500.00!
  • Forget the cash – just think how much money you’ll be making in increases business like trivia nights, karaoke, etc.

How many bars and restaurants do you pass on any given day? It’s easy to sell 3 different softwares that will help their business make more money. It gives them an edge over their competition and it gives you many opportunities to market your trivia, karaoke and other DJ services to a potential new client.

Some DJ is going to make a lot of money in your area so why shouldn’t it be you?

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