How Trivia Punch Software Works

“Invest in Your Clients and Your Clients Will Invest in You”

Our Trivia Punch Software is so powerful that it creates a Win – Win – Win experience for all three groups! We’ve built this system for a powerful and positive experience for the contestants, the bar or restaurants and for the DJ’s. No other system is so perfectly balanced.

Here’s how it works for the three groups:

hand yellow background-smDisc Jockeys

Trivia Punch software is the best when it comes to client retention, audience participations, DJ branding and more! Just show up and log in to start the game. We’ve built in so many features that allows each DJ to create a perfect game every time. No more prepping throughout the week, no more papers to create, print and read off of, no more trying to tally each team’s scores, [Read More]

Hand Blue Background smBars & Restaurants

The bottom line is the bottom line. Our focus with the software for the bar/restaurant owners is to increase their bottom line. With our Trivia Punch software, the audience/contestants have such a great time that they will stay longer and spend more money week after week. With our visual branding abilities during the game, the establishments can advertise their weekly specials, upcoming events or whatever they want. Contestants will see [Read More]

hand yellow background-smAudience/Contestants

Fun and excitement is at hand when our Trivia Punch Disc Jockeys are in the house! Our exciting images, ads, team names and more keep the focus on the game and the establishment’s branding through our software display. Trivia questions and answers are shown on the screen for each round along with tie breakers, intermission graphics/ads, finale results and more. This is sure to [Read More]