Bar Trivia Software

Helping The Bottom Line!

The bottom line is that our Trivia Disc Jockeys improve the Bar/Restaurant’s bottom line! This is the single biggest benefit that the establishments are looking for.

This economy is one of the toughest in decades and our our Trivia Disc Jockeys can help. Our bar trivia software can bring in more patrons on the slow days and keep them coming back – and that means more sales!

Our focus with the software for the bar and restaurant owners is to make the audience/contestants have such a great time that they will stay longer and spend more money week after week. The establishments can advertise their weekly specials, upcoming events or whatever they want with our visual branding abilities during the game.

Our Trivia Disc Jockeys can work with the establiments to help create marketing ads for the game, create competitions to ensure repeat customers and deliver a spectacular trivia game that helps build your bottom line!

Most of our Trivia Disc Jockeys see more than a 40% increase on the bottom line for the nights that they perform. This is directly due to the following of the trivia games they facilitate and the establishments ads displayed and promoted by the DJ throughout the game.

The bottom line is that it is exciting, its professional and it increases the bottom line! If you would like to learn more about our bar trivia software or find one of our Trivia Disc Jockeys in your area feel free to contact us by clicking here. We look forward to increasing your bottom line!