Trivia Game Night

DJ Trivia Fun Game WinnerMake Night Outs Count!

Fun and excitement is at hand when our Trivia Disc Jockeys are in the house! Our exciting TV images, ads, team names and more keep the focus on the game and the establishments branding through our software display. Trivia questions and answers are shown on the screen for each round along with tie breakers, intermission graphics/ads, finale results and more.

Our visually stunning display keeps the game exciting and fun. It’s important to deliver a great night for the audience. When they choose to go out for a night they have many options so keeping them coming back week after week is imperative.

Our Trivia Disc Jockeys have all the tools and skills to make that happen week after week. Our DJ Trivia Software delivers excitement with its TV game show appeal all while reinforcing the brand of the Bar/Restaurant, as well as the DJ.

What sets our Trivia Disc Jockeys game apart from every other bar trivia game out there is it’s customized capabilities that makes it specific to the establishments theme – colors, logos, specials and a whole lot more.

There are so many great options in this software that we can’t put it into this page! If you would like more information on out Trivia Disc Jockeys game and learn about the opportunities in your area feel free to contact us by clicking here.