Trivia Games for DJs



Become a Trivia Punch Disc Jockey

Our unique software is the best when it comes to client retention, audience participation, DJ branding and more! The best part is you just have to show up and log in to start the game!

We’ve built in so many features that allow each DJ to create a perfect game every time. No more prepping throughout the week, no more creating questions, no more trying to tally each team’s scores. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Virtually ZERO Prep Time – Our state-of-the-art software allows you to set up each game easily and quickly so all you have to do is show up, plug in and log in! For most of our DJ’s the time savings actually pays for the software!
  • Client Retention – No more losing a trivia gig because another DJ undercut you by $20! This game is designed for your specific client and only you have the license for it!
  • No More Searching For Q&A’s – No downloads, no researching, no writing, no printing – no kidding! Our database is full of questions and answers for whenever you need them!
  • No More Paper System – OK, that’s not entirely true – we do have pads for the answers but no more bringing sheets of paper with questions, answers, team names, scores, etc.!
  • No More Math – That’s right – enter how many each team got right and the software does the rest. No more calculating and combining scores or figuring out the order of the winners. The software will do the math and place the winning teams in order on the winner’s page!
  • Visually Stunning Displays – If you can dream the look you can have it in your game. You control the background, the content area, the ads, logos, colors and more. That means you can easily create the look you want, showcasing you and your client.
  • DJ Branding – Promote your brand, show off your logo, use your ads for marketing – it’s easy and powerful!
  • Bar/Client Branding – The game is built around your client. Their logo, their colors, their ads, their messaging. Doing this give the impression that your clients have their own TV Game Network. Bars LOVE this!
  • Displayed Final Results – You don’t have to know who the winners are because the software keeps track. Simply click on the final button to reveal the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners by team name and the points they earned!
  • Intermission Branding Opportunities – You and your client can display large ads during game pauses or intermission. This is a huge value-add for the bar owners because they have a captive audience looking at their specials, upcoming events and more.
  • Infinite Customization of Games – Really! You have control over the looks, topics, points, rounds, degree of difficulty, ads, rotation speeds and on and on! This means your game is totally unique and can be set up like no other DJ out there.
  • Nothing to break! – No software to upload, no lost game if computer breaks, no hassles downloading questions, no headaches prepping for next week’s games – no more trivia as usual!
  • Reputation Building – Building your trivia reputation is a lot easier when our software makes you look like the coolest DJ around. Look the best in front of your clients and wow them with your games!
  • Latest Technology – We update the software regularly and you don’t do a thing! – When you log in the latest version of Trivia Punch with all the cool new options is there. Our maintenance of the software leaves you more time to go out and do what you do best!
  • Unlimited Monthly Trivia Use – You get unlimited monthly use of our software, member support and more. This means you can offer to increase the number of trivia nights for your client without having to figure out the cost of the software. One license fee per client per month – unlimited use!
  • All this and much, much more for one low monthly price.

Time is money and chances are if you’re like thousands of other DJ’s out there you spend a lot of time preparing and managing your trivia performances. Become a Trivia Punch Disc Jockey and save all that time and money – your profits will go up! . . . and so will your reputation.

Not only will you have a more impressive performance but you will have more time for enjoying the audience and keeping them happy. Contact us today and become a Trivia Punch Disc Jockey in your area.