It’s Unanimous – Trivia Punch is “Slick!”

Trivia Punch is the best trivia software

We attended 2 industry trade show last month showing off our Trivia Punch Software. The first one was the Nightclub & Bar Show and the other one was Mobile Beat Las Vegas. They were both a huge success and if there was 1 word that we heard over and over it would be:


The dictionary uses many words and phrases to describe it such as: Perfect in manner; awesome, original, cool, sharp, smooth, seemingly effortless, something that has been well done, having perfect answers for virtually all questions, and so on. . .  

Everyone who saw the product were amazed at how “Slick” it looks and performs. Trivia Punch really is all that and more! Infact, out of all the trivia products at the 2 shows Trivia Punch outshined them all. It is the perfect balance for everyone involved – The Bars, the DJ’s and the customers watching the advertisements or participating in the games.

We heard from a lot of the bar owners that they are going to be canceling the expensive Trivia Systems and going to Trivia Punch. They especially loved the advertising aspect that helps them fill the seats for their local DJ hosting their trivia night, Karaoke night, etc. The DJ’s also loved the advertising part of it as well. They understand the impact of the bars advertising their trivia night, as well as their other gigs, all week long and that helps fill the seats for a great night!

Both the Bar owners and the DJ’s also loved the pricing allowing them to make as much money from it’s small investment. Bottom line – there is no other trivia/advertising product out there that is as “Slick” as Trivia Punch!