The Best Value – The Most Features!

Trivia Punch PricingOur pricing model is simple – develop a great product and deliver it at great price. Our high-end Trivia Punch Software is designed for the DJ’s who wants to stand out in the trivia community. Our Trivia Punch Software is the latest technology, not some old computer code that is on life support. Ours stays in tune with the latest computer and internet requirements because it is updated constantly.

You can license this new software for a fraction of what the old computer software games still on the market are being sold for today.  For a fraction of your trivia revenue you can feel confident your investment in your client will pay off instantly in so many ways.

Trivia Punch creates the game display with your client’s logo, colors, ads, etc. Then you have a custom designed game that makes the client look like they have their own trivia game network complete with their specials, upcoming events and more.

There is a monthly licensing fee to access the ever-expanding trivia database that runs your software. Your Trivia Punch Software has everything built and ready to go for every trivia game. With so many cool features, your client will look forward to your returning and starting the trivia!

We firmly believe that we need to invest in the DJ’s with a leading edge Trivia Software so they can invest in their clients. This in turn makes the client want to invest in the DJ and in turn the DJ wants to invest in us.

We invest by updating the software regularly to keep it leading edge. We upgrade our servers constantly to make sure the DJ’s have the fastest speeds during the trivia games. We work with the DJ’s to make improvements they want so it’s constantly evolving. Finally, we invest in the DJ’s by giving them the best possible price to help them succeed.