Pricing Trivia

2016 Trivia Prices

3 Softwares > Unlimited Use > 1 Fantastic Price!

After negotiating with DJ’s and bar owners across the country, we have come up with the best trivia prices in the industry! You will not find a better trivia software or price in the industry. In fact, you can now get the best trivia software for less than most of the mediocre ones out there! See for yourself:

Monthly Single Bar
Billed Monthly - Great Value
  • License: Monthly Single Bar
  • Branded: Bar Logo
  • Trivia: Unlimited Monthly
  • Ad Mode: Unlimited Monthly
  • Trivia Ad Mode: Unlimited Monthly
  • Use at Other Locations: No
  • Advertising Assistance: Yes
  • Swag: 2 Pads & 25 Pencils
  • Free Support
  • Billing: Monthly Payments
  • Save When Upgrading
  • Great Value!
Annual Multi Bars
Billed Annually - Excellent Value
  • License: Annual Multi Bars
  • Branded: Trivia Punch Logo
  • Trivia: Unlimited Annually
  • Ad Mode: Unlimited Annually
  • Trivia Ad Mode: Unlimited Annually
  • Use at Other Locations: Yes*
  • Advertising Assistance: Yes
  • Swag: 6 Pads & 50 Pencils
  • Free Support
  • Billing: One Payment/Year
  • Savings Unlimited!
  • Excellent Value!


* Because Trivia punch can only play one game at a time the Multi Bar Clients Licence cannot be played at 2 different locations at the same day and time.