Trivia Software Prices

Trivia Punch PricingCustom Built 1 Client At A Time

Let’s face it – We all want to be totally unique! Trivia Punch is the only trivia software that lets you be as unique as you want. That sets you apart from the other trivia DJs out there!

We have created a pricing structure that will help you make the most money while looking the most professional. If you are a DJ who has many trivia clients, your investment could be less than $1.70 a day! You will not find a better trivia software for the price.

Best Prices in the Industry!

Monthly Bar License
Unlimited Single Client Use
  • License: Single Bar Client
  • Branded: Client Logo
  • Trivia: Unlimited Monthly Use
  • Ad Mode: Unlimited Monthly Use
  • Trivia Ad Mode: Unlimited Monthly Use
  • Bar Pong: Unlimited Monthly Use
  • Bingo: Unlimited Monthly Use
  • Billing: Monthly or as needed
  • Advertising Assistance: Yes
  • Starters: Pads & Pencils
DJ Annual License
Unlimited Multi Client Use
  • License: Multi Bar Client*
  • Branded: Trivia Punch
  • Trivia: Unlimited Annual Use
  • Ad Mode: Unlimited Annual Use
  • Trivia Ad Mode: Unlimited Annual Use
  • Bar Pong: Unlimited Annual Use
  • Bingo: Unlimited Annual Use
  • Billing: Annual (1/Year)
  • Advertising Assistance: Yes
  • Starters: Pads & Pencils

*Only one mode can be live at a time.

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