Infinite Designs!
Trivia Punch Backgrounds

One of our most popular Trivia Punch features is our trivia game backgrounds, or sometimes referred to quiz backgrounds. We have dozens of cool designs that DJs can choose from when creating their Trivia games.

Every time a new DJ signs up they have the opportunity to choose the look and feel for their game from our long list of formatted quiz backgrounds. So if they choose a certain design it automatically upload all 3 graphics into their location for a perfect fit every time.

If there is something special they want for a custom look we will work with to create it so that it’s perfect for their clients desires. Or the DJ’s themselves can create the look and feel they are trying to achieve by uploading it to their specific games.

No other trivia software for DJ’s or Bars has this customization option and this is a standard feature in out Trivia Punch Software. In fact, we are always updating our quiz background library on a regular basis so from week to week the DJ’s could find new and exciting backgrounds.

Looking for a creepy quiz background for Halloween? Yup We have them. How about a romantic one for Valentines Day? Yup – we got those as well. This is just one of the features that makes Trivia Punch have infinite possibilities because YOU get to decide how the Trivia Software looks when you play it!

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