Free Trivia Answer Pads & Pencils

Trivia Answer Pads and Pensils

Trivia answer pads should be easy and fun. Our trivia answer pads come with plenty of room for answers and are included with every new sign up! We will send you plenty of pads to get you started with your new trivia software so you can play in style.

There are a lot of trivia games out there that give you printable trivia answer sheets – that’s just a lot of work. You have to print, cut, stack and they are all different shapes unless you are a great with scissors. You don’t have lots of extra time for printing trivia answer sheets! Sure there are plenty of trivia answer sheet templates out there but why work so hard? The last thing you want to be worrying about is prepping your trivia night answer sheets. That’s just too much stress and work for something that should be fun.

Trivia Punch answer pads are clean and easy to use. Simply peel off the trivia answer slips for each tam and the big pad is easily put away until the next round or game. Easy to store, easy to use and more importantly easy to look professional.

When we set up a new DJ or Bar with Trivia Punch they automatically get a box with Trivia answer pads and we throw in our branded pencils as well. We even pay for the shipping! Trivia night should be fun and easy and this is just another way Trivia Punch is helping to improve trivia nights all over the world. Would you like some information? Fill out the form below and introduce yourself.

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