Trivia Features With No Heavy Lifting!
Trivia Punch - Trivia Features

Trivia features are an on going benefit that Trivia Punch provides. We are constantly updating the software with the latest and greatest features that DJ’s want. We listen each week to learn what we can do to make it better for each DJ. This gives us a lot of great ideas that we turn into new features.

Every time a new DJ or bar signs up to Trivia Punch, they get the latest features from everyone’s suggestions. It’s our ability to consistently provide the latest and greatest trivia software on the market. Our features don’t need any heavy lifting either.

Trivia Punch is a cloud-based software that does all the updating for you. So when a DJ logs into their Trivia Punch account center their software has all the latest updates and new features. Our trivia features are built to help the DJ’s and bar owners stay fresh and exciting when it comes to hosting trivia.


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