DJ trivia scoring softwareTrivia night scoring software makes any night easier. One of the biggest praises we get with our trivia software is the scoring features. DJ’s that have large groups used to have to break out the calculator and add up everything then move it forward to the total score at each round and then find the ones in the lead.

Trivia Punch Software listened to the DJ’s as well as the bar owners. The biggest complaint was during the scoring part the DJ was less involved with the audience because they we trying to calculate everything. This created a lull in the mood and the larger the crowds – the longer the pause.

Our trivia scoring software, which is part of Trivia Punch Software, is set up for what ever type of scoring you want to use. If you want simple and have specific points per round then simply enter the number of questions each team got correct. It produces their score based on the correct amount times the point value for that round. It then carries it over to their total points for the game.

If you want to see who’s winning or has a tie simply click on the sort button for any round or total. At the end of the game our trivia scoring software places the top three winning teams in the finale screen. This means you don’t even have to know who the winners are if you don’t want – the scoring software does it for you!

So maybe you like a fancier way of keeping score like betting points per round or double or die rounds where you can bet it all – or maybe you just like using your calculator – no problem. Our trivia scoring software has a section that allows you to add what ever number you want for each team. It also carries it over for the total team scores and finale.

Maybe you have some super-duper-unique way of keeping trivia score that you like – no problem! We listen to all of our DJ’s and update of software accordingly. So within a day or so your super-duper unique way of keeping trivia score will be updated into our system.

Our job at Trivia Punch is to make your job easier. Our Trivia Forums lets our DJ’s collaborate and make the trivia scoring part of the software better and better. We want our trivia DJ’s working less behind the scenes so they can focus more on the audience and have more fun.

If you’d like to learn more simply fill out the contact form below and introduce yourself. We look forward to making your trivia scoring job easier!